mmiff live event



Held at a well established microbrewery in Milwaukee with multiple large screens, a stage and one wall size screen for film screenings and table reads all to SHOWCASE your art! Along with a house that is inviting for a social gathering and networking opportunities.

food & drink


With the ticket to this event you will receive free food and drink from a fantastic menu of items. 

live music


Live music to transition film and table reads and wrap up our award presentations. 



If you have a Micro Film either narrative or documentary 6 minutes and under, WE WANT TO SEE IT. 

If you have a Micro Screenplay either narrative or documentary 10 pages or less, WE WANT TO READ IT. 

Submissons only via FILMFREEWAY

2020 mmiff

More details will be provided on the mmiff website and via email to selected filmmakers and screenwriters

AWARDS Film/Screenwriters


Best Photography

In film we are looking for the best images in photography

Best Musical Score

In Film we are looking for the best musical score that fits the content of the story. 

Best Actor

Best Male or Female or Trans ACTOR in a film. 

Best Original Concept

In screenplay the best original concept presented in story line.

Best Humanitarian, Underground & World Concept

For Content in Film/Screenplay the best theme in Humanitarian issues, and  Underground spirit and World Concept. 

Best Drama & Best Comedy & Best Documentary

In Film/Screenplay the story that moves us most to laugh or in drama or actual life event in documentary.